About the company

At “Top Up Zone” we love all Gadgets. Our Mission is to give information about the different Gadget to the people, so that they can choice the best suitable gadget within their budget.

Privacy Policy

In this site topup-zone.com, can be refer as Top Up Zone, we, ours. And we can refer the visitor as, user, you. At TopUp Zone visitor’s privacy is very important to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by topup-zone.com and how it is used.

Log Files

Live other website Top up zone makes use of log files. The log files include Ip address, type of browser, ISP, date/time stamps, exit pages, administer the site, track user movement in the site and other information that may or may not personally identifiable.


Top up zone does not cookies to store information about any visitor’s preference. We come to use 3rd party advertising companies. In order to serves adds they can collect some information (excluding name, address, contact number or email address) about your visit to this site or other site, and use this aggregated information in order to display the ads according to your interests and preferences. You can choose not to let them have this information, if you want to. Other then this we would like to let you know that. Topup-zone.com will never PROVIDE, TRADE, or SELL any contact information to anyone without the permission. If you ask the response from the site, if you asked the newsletter through your mailing address, if you make any announcement about this site in any platform that can affect tpoup-zone.com, if you subscribe to our site, we will directly contact you. If you do not want to get information from our sponsor you need to contact with them directly.
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